An Experience With Perdido keys Fishing Charters

There are various options available for Perdido keys fishing charters. Variations exist as you move from one area to another. Generally, in Perdido keys, charters are available for sports fishing, extended trips, shark fishing and Perdido keys tuna.

The Perdido keys fishing action happens all year round. Most fishing charter providers operate seven days a week while others operate all week long. The different season brings unique fish species, owing to their annual migration patterns, and therefore, these different types of fish determine the seasons in Perdido keys.

To know the best season for booking, you have to know which activity you want to take part in and whether at that particular time the fish species you want is available. However, most fishing charters follow fish seasons. Thus it is impossible to go on a trip when it is out of season.

Available seasons based on species


Tunas are available from the end of February and early March, and they go off-season in August. The best time to catch them is the four months that are in the middle of this period. The fish weigh 8 to 150 kilos.


Whale watching happens from November to May. Perdido keys waters are famous for blue whales, which do not shy away from boats.

King Fish

The Kingfish season runs from January through to April, while the best time to go game fishing is January through to July. For Mako Sharks and Thresha, the season starts in November and ends in July, just like that of the whales.

Snapper Fish

The best time to catch snapper fish is in September. There is an increase in their numbers just before they disappear to spawn.

For those without a definite time to book, you can always take any fishing charter trip, as King George Whiting is a species available all year round. The Yellow Tail Kingfish has a short window of February to March as depart from Perdido keys.

You can also catch dolphins by chance when water temperatures are warm. Therefore, plan your trip in summer to increase your chances. Mind the following points:

Choose from mid to the end of a particular fish season

The best time to book fishing charters is from middle to end the season. In early season, for a particular species, there are few charters available, as others still are serving different fish seasons.

Big fish seasons have the most demand.

When big fish species are out of season, there are more fishing charters available. At this time, many people use boats because Yellow tails and King fish are within their reach. This reduces the demand for fishing charters.