Burnout or not-How to avoid being absorbed into caregiving.

It’s such a good feeling being responsible for other people, being looked up to, being trusted and being loved and you just can’t get enough of this feeling, having to put smiles on the faces of people and make them feel loved and accepted, having to support them mentally and emotionally, as beautiful as it ,it wears you out and it takes a whole lot from you that you forget that you are human as well and there is always a breaking point, a point where you eventually break because you have forgotten about, because you have forgotten to take a step backwards away from all the drama in order to recharge and do the things which you love.
How to avoid caregiver spouse burnout

1. Make time to focus on yourself
By making time for yourself and not allowing yourself to be overly absorbed into caregiving, you would be able to recognize the warning signs of stress, thereby preventing yourself from going all the way towards burning out.

2. Always set time to do the things you love
Don’t forget that you have needs too, emotions and feelings, even when the hardcore caregiver in you comes to fore and says “well, I don’t need time, I have my job” don’t be deceived by it, go to the cinema, continually make time to hang out with friends, go to the pub, these are the best ways to expel pent-up tensions and stress.

3. Join support groups for caregivers
Mix up with people who are like-minded and are actively working as caregivers so as to share and listen to their experiences, you never know; you might just learn something to apply to your own life.
This way you would expel any feeling of sadness and frustration, don’t forget that a problem shared is a problem halved.

4. Recharge! Recharge! Recharge!
This cannot be stated enough, the earlier you know this secret the better, recharging oneself differs from people to people, your own way of recharging might be involved in outdoor activities like going for a road tour, visiting a museum or buying tickets to see your favorite band perform live, discover what helps you recharge and rejuvenate yourself so as to balance work and your personal life.

5. Go out and socialize!
Yes! socialize, meet new people, caregivers are known for spending a lot of time making people happy, making people smile that they forget they need to be happy too and it’s just not enough making others happy, so avoid the stress that comes with your job and avoid isolation as best you can and go out there and meet people who will be a source of joy to you and will also build you up as well


Happiness is a decision that no one can make for you, you either decide to be happy or not, caregiving is a wonderful job but doesn’t let the wonder that you are become a fading light because of your job.