Fishing with fishing charters in Charleston

Charleston fishing charters or fishing trips have made fishing a craze sport making fishing the newest American past time. The charters are done either offshore or inshore and even out on the Gulf Stream. Charleston fishing charters offer deep-sea fishing for avid fishermen. Water temperatures, tide patterns, and the weather play an important role in charter fishing. With good weather, fishermen catch more fish -that, of course, depends on how cold or warm the water is -the warmer the water, the more fish to catch.

Safety is also of priority when participating in a fishing charter. Check the captain’s qualifications before booking. Fishing charters are a lot of fun but it is dangerous to join one if the captain is inexperienced. Do your homework, ask for your captain’s references with Better Business Bureau and also try to check if your captain has a USCG license and check for insurance as well.

Rates depend on where you are going fishing; more popular destinations require a higher price. Most of the time though, trips range from $600 up. Charter boats range in size, you can fish on a boat as large as 21 feet or even larger. Fishing charters are great fun for the whole family especially on larger vessels to accommodate the entire family comfortably.

If you are planning an excursion for the whole day, be sure to bring food, water, and sunscreen. On some charters, however, refreshments are supplied. Be sure that you have a fishing license because some states require one while out on a fishing charter. The charter sometimes covers that part of the things-to-do.

For most fishermen, the trophy in the tournament is not the main prize. The fish caught makes any tournament exciting to watch. Fish usually sought after during fishing charters are dolphins, wahoo, king mackerel, tuna, barracudas, billfish and even sharks.